Just Because…It’s Monday: Max Jury – Something In The Air

max-juryMax Jury: pure, retro, country-tinged Americana. I’m not usually a fan of country music (to be honest I was pretty underwhelmed at the announcement of Dolly Parton playing Glastonbury 2014) but Jury has an effect that will throw you wholeheartedly into deep Middle America leaving you never wanting to return.

He was raised in Des Moines, Iowa and grew up listening to The BeatlesWilco and Tom Waitsamongst others. ‘Standing In The Air’ is the title track on his debut EP and it is uniquely affecting, with echoes of George Harrison and the Byrds as well as Ray Davies and Bill Callahan. Gentle guitar moseys along which is met with some nice honkey-tonk piano and well placed lead guitar. It’s downright authentic, and he’s only 21.

Jury is playing at the Servant Jazz Quarters tomorrow evening. It’s free and likely to be very busy so get down early!

M x

Just Because…It’s Thursday: Eliza and The Bear – Brother’s Boat


I have managed to catch Eliza and the Bear a few times this year – I really like them. Their live shows never fail to be full of energy and fun – if you like to have a little dance.

Next week, they are heading out on tour with AWOLNATION and  they are also playing most of the festivals this summer – I’m not even exaggerating!

So here is ‘Brother’s Boat’ for you to enjoy!

C x


Just Because…It’s Tuesday: Ezra Furman

I was really impressed with Ezra Furman at the weekend (at the 100 Club), he was amazing. He’s a genuine rock star with stories to tell and gave almost a veteran (I don’t mean labored here!) style of perfomance. Really makes a change from the constant stream of image conscious buzz bands that are heralded as the next big thing. He and his band, in my eyes, will be around for a long long while.

Mr Fab x

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Just Because…It’s Thursday: El Born – Kangaroo



You know when you hear a band for the first time and go ‘HOLY MOTHER THIS IS EPIC’ – well that’s what I thought when I first heard Kangaroo by El Born.

If you like The Black Keys, then this is a band for you. Incredible summer vibes are filtered through this track, a perfect addition to any pre-festival playlists.

With a reputation for an impressive live show, I am going to be running down to their London show on the 19th June.





Just Because…It’s Monday: Jarbird – More Bad Celebrity Poetry


Happy Monday everyone! Debut single from London-based band Jarbird is a sparse whirl of emotion drawing on chorale sounds and poignant synth vocals. Accompanied by a heart-wrenching video directed by Crowns and Owls that may cause many to shed a tear, this track demonstrates the power of simplicity and silence.

Opening with a both moving and refreshing acapella verse Jarbird’s sound is distinct and precise. In fact it’s hard to pin down exactly what this sounds like – perhaps somewhere in between Imogen Heap and London Grammar, with shades of James Blake. Whatever it is, it is a tale of anguish that is deeply moving and sincerely beautiful.

According to their facebook page, the London quintet have only been around since October 2013 but have already got Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) producing them and a sold out headline show at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen under their belt. Their striking song craft seems to be striking a lot of people in the right ways, I urge you to give More Bad Celebrity Poetry a spin.

More Bad Celebrity Poetry is out now via Tape Club Records.

M x

Just Because…It’s Thursday: Morain – Worlds Apart EP


I guess i’m being greedy by including an entire EP but I couldn’t choose just one. Plus, there is nothing I love more than a good British Rock band and Morain are just that – and you know…YOLO.

They released their second EP ‘Worlds Apart’ on Monday for FREE – a four tracker of anthems complete with a curve ball – I like to call it the lady killer (you will get what I mean).

Ones to watch.

Anyway, you can check it out here:


C x


Just Because…It’s Wednesday: The Kooks – Hold On



Before you get absolutely furious at today’s song choice, I am aware that The Kooks are absolutely awful these days.  ALTHOUGH, whilst curious about just how bad the band have got, I had a little listen to their new DOWN EP which was released last week. As expected, its one of the worst releases I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing, and it firmly cements the death of a band that showed such potential with their debut release, INSIDE IN/INSIDE OUT. I hope the above picture effectively reflects my sadness at how DOWN (ha ha) the band have gone.

Surprisingly, there was a solitary track that held my attention for longer than 6 seconds, and it has happened to be an earworm since my first listen. I suppose, sadly, that its appeal is the fact it sounds nothing like The Kooks, and is a passable ditty that has a fresh and uplifting vibe and is the only song that supports the bloody ridiculous idea to use a hip-hop producer for the band’s latest EP.

Not getting me psyched about any future releases whatsoever, but fair play on this one guys.


Just Because…Playlists: Easter Weekend



It’s Easter weekend. I have hunted for eggs, eaten a ridiculous amount of Sunday Roast dinner and I am now contemplating another chunk of chocolate/a nap.

So for those of you also in a similar food coma territory, I’ve popped together a quick playlist to enjoy whilst you unhook your top button and doze on the sofa.

Its a mixture of new and old, upbeat and slow – perfect for whatever mood you are feeling. I have even chucked in a few curveballs #boybandsforever

As always, enjoy!

C x




Just Because…It’s Thursday: Model Aeroplanes – Innocent Love


ITS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say that with excessive exclamation mark enthusiasm as it is in fact the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – HELLO to 4 days off!

So today, in anticipation for the mini holiday i’m about to embark on, I am spinning Innocent Love by Model Aeroplanes

This Dundee based and fresh faced quartet may look like a One Direction tribute band but they in fact pack a punch with their indie-pop music. ‘Innocent Love’ shows just how much the band have developed a much more mature sound since their first single ‘Crazy’.


C x