Just Because…It’s Thursday: Morain – Worlds Apart EP


I guess i’m being greedy by including an entire EP but I couldn’t choose just one. Plus, there is nothing I love more than a good British Rock band and Morain are just that – and you know…YOLO.

They released their second EP ‘Worlds Apart’ on Monday for FREE – a four tracker of anthems complete with a curve ball – I like to call it the lady killer (you will get what I mean).

Ones to watch.

Anyway, you can check it out here:


C x


Just Because…It’s Wednesday: The Kooks – Hold On



Before you get absolutely furious at today’s song choice, I am aware that The Kooks are absolutely awful these days.  ALTHOUGH, whilst curious about just how bad the band have got, I had a little listen to their new DOWN EP which was released last week. As expected, its one of the worst releases I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing, and it firmly cements the death of a band that showed such potential with their debut release, INSIDE IN/INSIDE OUT. I hope the above picture effectively reflects my sadness at how DOWN (ha ha) the band have gone.

Surprisingly, there was a solitary track that held my attention for longer than 6 seconds, and it has happened to be an earworm since my first listen. I suppose, sadly, that its appeal is the fact it sounds nothing like The Kooks, and is a passable ditty that has a fresh and uplifting vibe and is the only song that supports the bloody ridiculous idea to use a hip-hop producer for the band’s latest EP.

Not getting me psyched about any future releases whatsoever, but fair play on this one guys.


Just Because…Playlists: Easter Weekend



It’s Easter weekend. I have hunted for eggs, eaten a ridiculous amount of Sunday Roast dinner and I am now contemplating another chunk of chocolate/a nap.

So for those of you also in a similar food coma territory, I’ve popped together a quick playlist to enjoy whilst you unhook your top button and doze on the sofa.

Its a mixture of new and old, upbeat and slow – perfect for whatever mood you are feeling. I have even chucked in a few curveballs #boybandsforever

As always, enjoy!

C x




Just Because…It’s Thursday: Model Aeroplanes – Innocent Love


ITS THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say that with excessive exclamation mark enthusiasm as it is in fact the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – HELLO to 4 days off!

So today, in anticipation for the mini holiday i’m about to embark on, I am spinning Innocent Love by Model Aeroplanes

This Dundee based and fresh faced quartet may look like a One Direction tribute band but they in fact pack a punch with their indie-pop music. ‘Innocent Love’ shows just how much the band have developed a much more mature sound since their first single ‘Crazy’.


C x

Just Because…It’s Wednesday: Fractions – Breathe


Hailing from across the North East of England, Fractions are a female fronted synth pop band featuring current and ex members of Lavotchkin & End Reign, as well as local producers Joey Murphy, Worry Party & RoadToCairo. Initially forming in 2012 as a studio project between friends with a love for electronic music, Fractions came together as a physical band in late 2013 and, as of May 2014, are ready to come out of hiding.

Breathe is a glorious synth pop jewel of a track, which blends vocals of Jonas Bjerre and The Cure‘s heatachey and dark vibes topped off with CHVRCHES‘ brand of anthemic electronic pop.

Just Because…It’s Monday: HOLY HOLY – House of Cards

holy holy

Stick this in your ears to wash away all those Monday morning (well, afternoon) blues. Award-winning singer/songwriter Timothy Carroll and experienced guitarist/composer Oscar Dawson have teamed up, and the results are sheer bliss. The Australian duo released their debut EP The Pacific on 28 March and it is a soothing wash of clean and crisp guitar riffs, tight harmonies and smooth powerful vocals.

Their current single/video taken from the EP is ‘House of Cards’ – the vocals are fresh and compelling, with a nod towards James Mercer at times. The lyrics are also pretty thought-provoking, with Carroll asking “Will we be on the right side of history?” Combine this with driving percussion, poignant harmonies and neat guitar riffs on an expansive soundscape and holy moly (see what I did there?) it’s good.

From the sounds of things influences range from Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac to Midlake and The National. Holy Holy should sit nicely in your ‘timeless, impeccable songwriting’ collection.

They’re on tour in Australia at the moment but I sincerely hope they’ll head over UK way soon.

The Pacific EP is available via iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/ThePacificEP

M x

Just Because…It’s Friday: O Electric – Ain’t Got That Right

o electric

Happy friday. Got DAT slot.

This O Electric track landed on my lap(top) last week and it’s infecting my soul (pun intended).

It’s thick and creamy and got DAT sleaze. It’s the kind of music Jungle would listen to if they were on a date with Tatyana Ali (circa Boy You Knock Me Out). I’m gonna stick it at the bottom too, cuz that is a GOOD Friday song.

O Electric – Ain’t Got That Right

Just Because…It’s Thursday: Ivy & Gold – Not Had Enough


Can we just talk about how glorious the weather is at the moment? The sun is shining, we haven’t had a whiff of snow in months and as such – people seem much more happier. Amazing what a few beers in a pub garden can do for the soul!

To accompany you wasting away your days as a slave to the sunshine – might I suggest the latest offering from Ivy & Gold – Not Had Enough.

This electro-pop duo have an effortless cool about them. After some time hidden in the depths of the studio they are set to release their new EP ‘Eye of the Storm’ shortly. ‘Not Had Enough’ is a powerful & intense masterpiece – toe-tapping beats are coupled with simplistic synths to create the perfect background to Rachel’s deep, intense and serene vocals.



C x