Just Because…It’s Friday: Leon T. Pearl – Take You To Market (Video)

After a pretty groggy morning I have actually got a shit-ton done today. Do you remember when wrestling was like the most awesome thing ever? Seems kinda weird that boys across the world were not only obsessed with scantily clad men fighting one another, but that it was all a hoax. I still feel kinda robbed by that. The most mental part is that some of them actually went mental for real. I wonder if it’s living a lie that made them do it or the mountains of cash, drugs and fame they accrued through their terrifyingly odd careers. Who knows? Anyway, that got me a bit het-up, so I bought these:

Today’s Fave comes from…well what do you call him? Leon T. Pearl is one of the few artists I’ve seen in a long time that would fulfil the douchebaggy role “MC” most accurately. None-the-less, he has constructed an addictive and catchy banger with Take You To Market. I like this new style of bratty boy rapping. Only Real does it, Jamie T. did it (assuming he’s not around anymore?). It’s a great new angle, but the sad part is that it’s inspired by LILLY ALLEN. That’s like having Clive Owen on your football team…(FUCK CLIVE OWEN.) There’s something endearing about his purposeful complete lack of style too, which I’m sure he’d hate for me to admit. The video is below. Enjoy your Friday afternoon with a very “Friday” track.

Ooo, Friday as an adjective. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!



Leon T. Pearl – Take You To Market

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