Just Because…It’s Still Got That New Car Smell: Pawws/Sivu

So if you’re in the vast majority of people that didn’t make it to Notting Hill Arts Club last night, you missed out. (Wouldn’t it be great if there was a club that could fit literally half the world in it? No, that would be horrible.) Annie Eve was a brilliant mix of heart-warming, heart-breaking and captivating. Velvet Stream were so insane before the set (vocal warm-ups that sound like evil (yet beautiful) rituals that I figured they had no more impressing to do, but they managed it. As Elephants Are brought their infectious brand of math-rockery that had the whole room dolphin dancing aggressively. Not even going to start gushing about Sons & Lovers…but I LOVE THEM.

Anyway, isn’t life great when you look backwards and gush, then you turn forward and BANG! More gushing to be done. Two UK biggies (in blog world anyway) have uploaded tracks today! YUM YUM YUM. First of all, the beautifully elegant Sivu has served us another steaming plate of delicate mastery in the form of Family Tree. I’ll be honest, Sivu took some getting into for me, but after seeing him perform at Sofar Sounds I got it. He’s got a beautiful voice and he’s a very talented songwriter, and this song is hardly a curveball from that plane. If you don’t get it right away, give it a few listens and it starts to sink in. It’s worth it.

Sivu – Family Tree


On the other end of the musical spectrum we have Just Because FAVOURITE Pawws. The wonderfully talented Lucy has provided another magnificently catchy masterpiece called Outside and it’s simply delicious. The beautiful thing about Pawws is that it has that amazing ability to make you happy and sad at the same time. Few artists are doing this at the moment…I may call it the Morrissey effect. Anyway, Pawws is KILLING the Morrissey game. I love her. And I’m not scared to admit it. I want to scream it from the top of a mountain! Oh, and she has a song teaser too, I’ll link that as well. LOVE YOU PAWWS. Ha I’ve just realised that the bells remind me of StepsTragedy. I’ll link that too.


Pawws – Outside


Pawws – Give You Love teaser


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