Just Because…It’s Still Got That New Car Smell: Wasted Nights – Girl

I was discussing Valentine’s Day with a friend the other day and I posed that the classic chocolates and flowers present has come full circle and is actually legit again. I dunno, maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I feel like that type of gift has become SO shit that it’s actually kitsch/ironic to buy them now making it legit. Who knows?! Me. I know. Despite this revelation I do not have anyone to buy presents for so MONEY IN THE BANK…

The amazing Wasted Nights uploaded a track this morning and it’s making me gyrate in my seat involuntarily, leading to a slow rotating motion. I’ve resorted to putting my laptop on my lap (NOVEL!) so I can type and spin simultaneously. The bizarre Girl is so chopped ‘n’ screwed it actually feels like heft. But good heft. Like a piece of technology ensured in quality by its own substantial weight. Yum. Anyway, enjoy Girl, it’s definitely spiced up my otherwise korma morning.

Wasted Nights – Girl

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