Just Because…It’s Uma Thursday: Chuvalo – Ridin’ In Cars W/ Boys

Firstly, I’d like to clarify that my pet peeve is when people talk about their dreams. It’s a subject without a tangible context. “So I was riding on this huge pink horse and it kept pooing out fireworks and they were flying everywhere…it was amazing.” Don’t care. Not even a bit. BUT one dream that has stuck with me was being best friends with Uma Thurman. I just feel like we’d get on OK?! So Thursdays will now become an open letter to my best friend I never had, which I will send to Uma in the hope that my dream will one day come true…

Dear Uma,

Remember the time you came to my house and met my mum? OMG it was so embarrassing, she called you Cameron and told you how much she enjoyed There’s Something About Mary. I almost imploded into a black hole with pure mortification. Anyway, she’s asked if you wanna come round for Sunday roast. Do you prefer turkey or beef? Silly question, we both know you’re a turkey girl. Maybe we can orchestrate you leaving the room momentarily before the meal and then when you get back the meal will be sitting waiting for you. We both know how much you love that. I was gonna ask also, what do you think about the new FIDLAR album? I know you love that kind of new punk and we haven’t discussed it at length yet.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Today’s Fave. Having got obsessed with the new Cakes Da Killa mixtape, I did some research into the gay hip-hop scene coming out of America at the moment and found a fantastic new artist by the name of Chuvalo. His awesome TALES. The Coronation Mixtape has been dominating my listening for the last few days. The incredibly graphic and forceful nature of the lyrics mixed with the almost UK Garage production is a wonderful juxtaposition and provides a simultaneously stressful and euphoric experience. The highlight at the moment is the bizarre Ridin’ In Cars W/ Boys is truly addictive and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Enjoy!

BFFs forever and always,

S xx


Chuvalo – Ridin’ In Cars W/ Boys

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